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The San Diego Indian American Society was founded on January 14, 1984 by Professor M. C. Madhavan with the support of Mrs. and Dr. Maneck Wadia, Mrs. and Mr. Arjun Waney, Mrs. and Dr. Krishana Bharadwaja, Mrs. and Mr. Harry Singh Jr., and others with the objectives of:

(a) establishing Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Scholarship to recognize Gandhijis contribution to the world and to benefit San Diego area high school graduates;

(b) undertaking projects to serve people in India and San Diego;

(c) recognizing meritorious service to the society by an individual in any field in the United States and in India;

(d) furthering the relations between India and the United States. The Society has tax-exempt status under section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code on May 5, 1986.